Designed by QSLD PARIS, France.

With the constant and genuine interest for innovation, Lirikos hires long-time collaborator, QSLD to modernize the packaging and design of MARINE HYDRO LINE. The intention for the branding and packaging of the line is to reflect the young, dynamic and premium brand identity.

LIRIKOS is a brand born with the French know-how and addressed to a clientele mainly Korean. The rapid success of the line MARINE HYDRO has been notable soon after its launch in 1990. Today the competition is growing and Lirikos has to double efforts to increase its market share. The cosmetic brand hires QSLD’s expertise to reinforce its identity and modernize the image of the brand with a new and innovative packaging.

The design challenge for QSLD was to combine energy and delicacy with a line of natural products findings its roots in the French know-how. Lirikos chooses to modernize and refresh its logo as well as give depth and shades to its archetypal blue.

QSLD designs for LIRIKOS a feminine and precious packaging line with sensual curves that connects to the organic sub-marine resources hidden in the volume. QSLD’s approach is always to grasp and reflect the core value of a product and the core values of its brand and culture. The agency proposed to utilize a rich and textured material, yet sober in terms of graphic design. The volume is made of frosted glass. The agency and Lirikos are developing this third project together after the tremendous success of their collaboration; Sun and Whitening. Both collaborators anticipate no shy response from the clientele to this new modern and elegant line of products.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery