Creative Agency: Pentagram
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Cannabis Concentrate
Location: USA

Brand identity and packaging for the cannabis concentrate company highlights its roots in nature.

Harmony Extracts is a cannabis concentrate company that uses state-of-the-art extraction technologies to transform marijuana plants into high-quality, potent concentrates. A new enterprise based in Denver, Colorado, one of the nearly 30 states where marijuana is now legal, Harmony commissioned Pentagram to design its brand identity and packaging for the company’s initial line of products.

The Pentagram partners have worked on the fringes of the cannabis industry for years. In 2009 Pentagram began a long association with Advanced Nutrients. A leading hydroponics company based in Vancouver, Advanced Nutrients manufactures and distributes super-fertilizers and growth-enhancement products for growing plants in water instead of soil, and indoors away from the sun–and the prying eyes of the authorities. Over the years, Pentagram’s designers have designed over fifty product labels for Advanced Nutrients with evocative names like Big Bud, Kushie Kush, Wet Betty, Voodoo Juice, Tarantula, and Bud Candy. Pentagram also designed and named the world’s first “hydroponics lifestyle” magazine for the company. The slick, high-end publication called Rosebud ran stories on hydroponic gardening, popular culture and the jet-set lifestyles of the cannabis crowd.

The explosive cannabis category has become a bit of a cottage industry for Pentagram ever since the firm designed the brand identity, packaging and website for Leafs by Snoop, rap icon Snoop Dogg’s line of medical and recreational marijuana-based products in 2015. Snoop’s offerings included both flower and edibles (“Dogg Treats”) such as chocolate bars, chews, drops and gummies. Working at the forefront of the legalization movement the Pentagram team created a stylish gold logo and pristine white packaging for the brand that turned heads because of its fresh, stereotype-busting entry into a retail environment that had existed underground until the legalization of marijuana began to gain momentum across the country.

Since then the partners have been involved in a variety of cannabis-related design projects and Pentagram’s early success in the burgeoning category helped to open the door for the company’s engagement with Harmony Extracts.

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