Creative Agency: Anagrama Studio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: 3 in 1 travel razor
Location: Mexico

Sphynx is a product that seeks facilitating the shift on perception of traditional and complicated beauty routines. It comprises a shaving device with a simple mechanism that can be set in one of four positions for its use: The first unveils a rechargeable water spray that helps refresh the skin before shaving. The second one includes a moisturizing soap made from shea butter to moisturize the skin. The third shows the razors employed for shaving. The fourth and last position stores a piece of soap.

Its compact and portable design makes Sphynx an innovative accessory that is easy to handle and with great advantages for active people.

The packaging stands out for its shape and intense color palette praising the energy and joviality of the brand. The icon represents, in a simple and concise way, the main product's objective: Shaving supported by a friendly & accessible language. The brand pattern is inspired by circular polka dots that create a relaxed but dynamic texture complementing the brand's graphic communication. Gotham typography was selected for its geometric, readable and timeless style to accompany Sphynx's typographical provisions, complementing the modern tone of voice required by the brand.

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