Designer: Джекил и Хайд
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Project Type: Concept

– To create a modern packaging concept for one of the most famous Russian products – caviar
– Product of Premium class

The idea for the name of the product involves a play on words that is difficult to explain if you do not speak Russian. We use the name of the letter «Й», the “short i” or “i kratkaya”, that sounds like the Russian word for caviar, “ikra”.

Design. We looked at many different kinds of caviar packaging, and decided to make our packaging in completely contradiction with any cliché. This means not using round glass shapes or cans, or pictures of sturgeon or any other fish.

Additionally, we wanted to create a package that could become a table decoration. So all information (package labeling etc.) is on a wrapper that you can remove, leaving a luxury product in a china dish.
‘’Й’’ brand concept shows what like the classical Russian product can be.

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