Agency: Geoffrey Bloom
Director of Marketing: Alyssa Hills
Printer (Standup Bag): Interflex Group
Printer (Powerwing): Interstate Container
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: NECCO
Location: Revere, MA
Packaging Contents: Candy
Packaging Materials: Plastic & Corrugate

Skybar Zombie food is made up of milk chocolate brains, hearts, and feet filled with oozy red caramel! To revitalize the brand, we created two new display options (Standup Bag & Powerwing) and gave the graphics a full overhaul, complete with a detailed zombie illustration, the perfect amount of grunge, and a slathering of caramel "blood".

This is a great example of Design ROI. The product has been in existence for multiple years, and a change in outer packaging design was one of the driving sales factors that caught the attention of numerous buyers.

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