Creative Agency: Motus Vis
Designer: Izvorka Juric
Photographer: Maja Danica Pecanic
Client: Puni okusi d.o.o.
Location: Zagreb / Croatia
Project Type: Commercial Work

DOMECA product group consists of line of powdered sugars and line of baking soda and citric powder. DOMECA powdered sugar is a product line consisting of four types of powdered sugar, 3 of which are flavored (strawberry, cinnamon and vanilla). 

The project includes the complete product development from design names through design brand identity and product design to packaging. Emphasis is placed on functional packaging, a novelty on the Croatian market in this product category. This practical packaging allows easy dispensing of the product. After removing the protective labels and opening the product, users can use three sizes of openings for pouring the product.

The basis of the visual identity is modern typography in combination with purified photographs and pastel color scale. Motives of the photos are designed in relation to the product and with the aim to induce the positive emotion – heart cookie for strawberries aroma (love, childhood ), star cookie for cinnamon aroma (the joys of winter, Christmas), vanilla rolls for vanilla flavor (the smell of baked cookies, childhood) and donuts for the classic powdered sugar (sweet snacks, sweet pleasure).

Doses of sugar are packed in showroom-transport packaging in which they are exposed on the store shelves.

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