Designers: Ajinkya Barve, Vishwajeet Sawant
Location: Pune, India
Project type: Student Project

The idea was to do team work and see how two different disciplines – Product Design (Ajinkya Barve) & Graphic Design (Vishwajeet Sawant) can come together and create. The aim of the project was to create a packaging for the brand Polo Mint trying to eliminate the flaws the existing packaging had.

The process started with finding what the existing packaging/brand lacked. After working on concepts close to the existing packaging we realized that the brand did not have a premiere packaging like its competitive brands. Polo being one of the oldest mint brands it needed to stand out as an exclusive product in the market. So we worked on that and came to a concept where the consumer would see the famous tagline of Polo – "The Mint with a Hole" being reflected in the packaging.

Being an inter-disciplinary project working with a Product Designer and collaborating the brand values and the user experience was a really interesting thing. Apart from that studying how the brand works and reflecting it's values in the product was something that we learnt through this project.

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