Creative Agency: Lundgren+Lindqvist
Photography: Kalle Sanner
Client: O/O Brewing
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Project Type: Commercial Work

The pitch black Baltic Porter is the latest addition to O/O Brewing's growing range of beers. Baltic Porter is a beer style indigenous to northern Europe. It is similar to the English Porter, originating from the strong Porters and Stouts that were shipped to the Russian empire throughout the 1800s. The Baltic Porters are usually very dark in colour with high notes of coffee and chocolate flavour.

The dark beer with its Baltic provenance, with shores facing the Baltic Sea, led us think about the work of artist Karen Gunderson. We have long admired her edge-to-edge paintings of black seas and when O/O started to plan the release of their pitch black Baltic Porter, she was the perfect match. Consequently, we approached Gunderson which led to a collaboration for the Baltic Porter labels, for which we used her painting 'Churning Grace – Out to Sea'.

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