Creative Agency: Pavlov’s design
Client: Ltd. Gamma
Location: Ryazan, Russia
Project Type: Commercial Work

To work out the logo for the trading mark “Gamma Uvlechniy” and to create design for the plasticine “Solnishko”. This product is bought by parents for their kids to be used in kindergartens and at school. Plasticine is manufactured in 6 types of the packing: from 6 to 18 colors.

The main symbol of the new logo is the open kid’s hand. It is stylized as the tricky face of the child, who is always willing to create smth new. This logo fully reflects the main idea of the brand – to create new with happiness.

Let it be Sun was decided in Pavlov’s design. So we made up small plasticine stories the main hero of which is Solnishko (Sun). And after that the Winter Solnishko appeared which sculpts a snowman, Spring Solnishko – lets toy boats, Fall Solnishko – picks up mushrooms. This packing shows by itself that plasticine meant not only to create toy figures but the whole toy worlds as well. And then we moved far ahead and decided to make not only that kind of packing which teaches but also entertains. So the funny games appeared on the back side of the packing “Find the difference”, which will be interesting for children, we hope.
All the packing are nice and funny stories. Find this plasticine in shops and your kids will be happy! Let everybody has his Solnishko at home!

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