Designed by TROONION Design, Taiwan.

Doling Fonso, located in Guanmiau where people believe in Guan Yu and dedicate to local culture, launched the first pineapple gift box with Guan Yu’s righteous-look portrait on it.People heard about Guan Yu. He is a symbolic figure in the three kingdoms and well-known for excellence at fighting battles. The most famous battle he’d fought is he road an Akhal Teke, a horse breed, to war alone.

Such fearless bravery is far beyond anything we could imagine, isn’t it.

When TROONION Design got this case, we pictured it, tried as hard as possible to design it, and that’s the reason why you can see an Akhal Teke, a Green-Dragon Crescent-Moon saber, a red cloak and Guan Yu himself for sure on the packaging. It looks like as if a real person in a red cloak riding a horse and holding a saber tightly in his hand gets ready for a fight alone. Both Doling Fonso and its packaging are inspired by Guan Yu’s story. We are helping to recall each one’s memory about Guan Yu, meanwhile, we’re telling each one all the things about Doling Fonso. We think, for a new-born brand, it’ll be quite a way to make consumers remember it forever and ever.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery