Designed by Estudio Cornicelli, Argentina.
Additional Credits: laura Rossi / Lucia Arguello

Accompanying market developments, Levité presents its line of zero calorie beverages. The challenge for the design of this new product was to keep the credentials of the parent brand: Lightness, natural, heritage and natural juice water, and that the range is enjoyable, a drink close and familiar. Also should clearly convey that it is a rich proposal with the same flavors but 0 sugar, to enjoy them without limits.

That’s why it was on the new image of Levité. reworked the logo in order to integrate the word “Zero” to the mark “Levité”, making you naturally coexist. To contrast with the normal range, we used a metallic blue background. This tone is clearly linkeable to categories sugar, also used a subtle accent color in the leaf of the brand to convey the flavor. The result is an elegant and inviting subrengo, all the while respecting the print Danone healthy identity to their products, and make your contribution to building brand equities.

Cornicelli is a study of brand building works projects for Argentina and Latin America and works with clients such as Unilever, Arcor, Bagley, Danone, Sony, Pulp, Two in One and Altman Building, among others.

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