Creative Agency: Fabula Branding
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: VALEO VITA Company
Location: Belarus
Packaging Contents: Herbal Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

All verbal and visual communications are based on the positioning, created as a result of analytical work performed during creation of the new trademark.

So, the synonymous name "Ded Kiprei" ("Grandpa Kiprei" in Russian), on one hand clearly declares the product category — ivan-tea ("kiprei" means fireweed in Russian or another way to use tea). On the other hand, the image creates a brand character — a modern herbalist, who is wise and trustworthy.

The design concept, based on the author's illustration with an imitation of oil painting, develops a brand legend where the grandfather Kiprei studies tea plants and collects the best samples. The packaging tells about the medicinal properties, the rich history of the drink and the careful selection approach of raw materials by the manufacturer.

The rural landscape images, the floral vignette of flowers and fireweed leaves emphasize the organic nature of the product. The disproportionate scale of plants and the herbalist along with the deep illustration create a fairy-tale and soulful atmosphere appropriate for the legendary brand to channel its unusual taste and properties of the drink. A rich illustration is balanced by the contrasting monochrome brand zone.

Attention to all tiniest product details is broadcasted with design nuances, such as a presentation of an overall pattern to the design and the infographics icons portrayed in the unique author's style.

As a result, the unusual and stylish design draws attention and makes the product stand out on the shelf.

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