Creative Agency: DewGibbons + Partners
Client: Dr Darren McKeown
Location: UK
Project Type: Commercial Work

Facial skincare range by Dr Darren McKeown launches exclusively at Space NK Apothecary, with branding and packaging design by DewGibbons + Partners

This week sees the launch of STOP – a new premium facial skincare range by Dr Darren McKeown, a leading figure in the field of facial aesthetics and founder of the Aesthetic Medicine Institute in the UK. With branding and packaging design by DewGibbons + Partners, the range will be sold exclusively at Space NK Apothecary.

Dr McKeown has been on public record for some time, expressing his concern at the rising number of young women who are beginning to rely on medical procedures such as Botox injections to ‘prevent’ the ageing process. It is his firm belief that over-aggressive and premature use of Botox can lead to long-term adverse effects such as muscle atrophy, which can ultimately lead to a less than favorable aesthetic result.

Instead of medical intervention, he believes the most appropriate pre-ageing strategy for women in this age group – typically 25 to 35 year olds – is a healthy lifestyle combined with a great skincare regime. Thus was born STOP – a five-strong range of bespoke formulations to treat facial skin before the main effects of ageing take place.

DewGibbons + Partners was given free rein to devise the brand from scratch, including the positioning, name, identity, tone of voice, tagline and packaging design.

Nick Vaus, Creative Director at DewGibbons + Partners said: “Borne from the insight that women aged 25-35 are not ideal candidates for medical intervention, the benefit is placed front and centre on the on-pack communication: STOP…the wrinkles before they start. The result is that this brand challenges the visual and verbal cues normally seen in the premium skincare category.”

The copy-led, editorial headline design style and tone of voice portray a brand with attitude and boldness that is perfectly suited to the target audience. This style also allows the brand to explain the key ingredients and their advantages. Black foil and silver caps elevate the cartons and tubes into premium territory. A pop of one bright, fresh colour for each product lifts the packs and promotes product benefits. For example, red is used for the more intense nature of the serum.

Dr Darren McKeown said: “I’ve always been confident that my formulations will provide real benefits for women in the earlier stages of the ageing process, but thanks to DewGibbons + Partners, I now have a brand look that’s sure to grab their attention. Not only this, but the style allows us to easily flex STOP into other areas in the future.”

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