Creative Agency: TWET
Designers – Alexander Petrov & Anastasia Palahniuk
Client: Novosibkhleb
Location: Novosibirsk / Russia
Project Type: Commercial Work

In August 2014, the Novosibkhleb Company planned an introduction of a new product (oatmeal cookies in chocolate) to the Novosibirsk market. This product is intended for children from 2 to 14 and for their parents who prefer healthy and natural food for their children.

To create a unique brand image that will correspond to the target audience and will be regarded as a competitor to imported brands in this segment.

The packing has to draw attention, to spark interest in children and to convey information to parents that the cookies Get Ready for a Daily Dozen! are made only of natural ingredients and are healthy for kids.

Specialists of the TWET art-group developed cute characters – hares consuming the product, and a unique grapheme Get Ready for a Daily Dozen! It was important to show both the oatmeal cookies and the chocolate in the image of the product. Special attention was paid to working with texts on the packing to make it as informative as possible and appealing. Hare images were also used in the design of the big packing for the cookies.
Products Get Ready for a Daily Dozen! can already be found in retail sale in several big distribution networks in Novosibirsk.

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