Creative agency: Family (and friends)
Client: Tuckey’s
Location: London, United Kingdom
Project Type: Commercial Work

Family (and friends) has helped Tuckey’s, the ‘Proper Digestive’ to create their brand identity, biscuit design and packaging.

Simon Tuckey, founder of Tuckey’s Foods said: “We have noticed that over the years with price management and government guidelines, major brands have moved away from the traditional digestive biscuit method. These changes mean that it is no longer the product it once was and we are keen to bring back and create a superior biscuit”.

Tuckey’s is all about proper ingredients and proper methods, in keeping with the burgeoning trend for honest, traditional and simple foods. The product needed a brand identity that captured a sense of the past -a time when ‘biscuits still tasted like biscuits’. Overall, the brand’s look and feel aims deliberately to be a touch retro, whilst creating shelf impact and conveying an immediate brand story.

“The brand idea is about time; the time it takes to bake and the time it should take to savour – preferably with some workmates or the family in a good old fashioned tea break”. Said Alex Durbridge, creative director at F&f. The brand identity reflects this sentiment with a clock frozen at the traditional

Tuckey would like to instigate a ‘national tea break week’ to highlight the need for a bit of daily workplace R&R. Although no official date is set in stone as yet.

The combination of unique product and branding has landed Tuckey deals with Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Wholefoods.

Many are also being consumed in the F&f studio.

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