Designed by Schoch&Sonders AG, Switzerland.

For more than one year, Schoch&Sonders supports Delica AG in the management of the coffee capsules brand Delizio.

In cooperation with Delica AG, Schoch&Sonders has advanced the brand strategy and has developed a new brand design. The new packaging for the capsules is the first result stemming from this cooperation.

The goal was to re-establish the brand fit with the new strategy as well as to improve the quality appeal of the packaging. What is more, next to increasing the shelf-impact, the redesign aimed at a better readability and distinguish-ability of the blends. The new packaging successfully transfers the core values valuable, simple and closeness.

The Delizio capsules are now available in 11 blends and different packaging sizes.

Furthermore, Schoch&Sonders develops the Delizio brand manual where brand strategy, brand design as well as the brand identity are defined.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery