Creative Agency: Airins Design
Location: Taichung,Taiwan
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

Packaging Design Concept: Antrodia cinnamomea is a kind of mushroom endemic in Taiwan.

Fresh Antrodia cinnamomea seems sleek fan shape in appearance and bright orange in color, with rich camphor fragrance. Overall concept is derived from the color, fragrance, utility and growth characteristics of Antrodia cinnamomea.

Overall packaging design start from materials and forms. Antrodia cinnamomea is a fungus parasitic on camphor, and both are symbiotic dependencies. So wood element runs throughout the entire design. Wood is taken as the main material, as orange-red Antrodia cinnamomea grows from wood clinging to it, which symbolizes Antrodia camphorata and camphor go together. And also the post-processing details are valued so as to express delicacy of gift boxes. The brand’s symbol totem is used to make chrome-plating iron sheet to be bonded to the package by hand, showing a succinct sense of luxury, highly textured metallic luster and minimalist oriental fashionable sense.

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