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What do you normally do with your used plastic containers and bottles? Throw them away? Hold on! Throwing things away is always an easy option but using them creativity and making them useful in some way or the other can be really satisfying. Plastic bottles and containers can be used in several ways – as decorative pieces, as utility storage options or simply as tools to assist you in your various works. Bottles and containers are available in a large number of shapes, sizes and designs which mean you have plenty of creative and innovative options to use these bottles. Do a bit of decoration and they will be ready for use again. Plastic ways can be recycled in several innovative ways – you just need to have the right ideas at the right times and be creative as much as you can. The best part is that before even realizing, you have actually recycled plastic. Isn’t that interesting?

Food Canisters – One of the common ways to recycle plastic containers is by using them as food canisters to store sugar, noodles, beans and rice. The bottles need to be cut into different sizes – the longer bottles can be cut to make the base while the shorter one can be cut to make the cover. These can then be fitted together.

Plastic Bright Lights – Smart, unique, trendy and super stylish plastic container lights look stunning wherever you choose to have them. A string of plastic containers can be used and a small hole made in the bottom section of every bottle. LED Christmas light can be used in each one and then simply hang the container. In case you find they might just fall off or if you are a bit insecure about these staying together, you can use some hot glue to keep them in place.

Bird Feeders – A perfect way to recycle plastic bottles and containers if you have a terrace garden or a lawn or any outdoor space where birds fly in. Plastic can be recycled to make attractive bird feeders using your own creativity and innovation skills. Wooden spoons can be used and dovetailed in these bottles or fill the bottle with food for birds and let it generously and naturally slip into the spoon. Chopsticks can be also used instead of wooden spoons. Once done these feeders can be easily hung in any place and wait for the birds to come over.

Magazine or Mail Organizer – An innovative and creative way to recycle plastic containers in your office – turn them into magazine organizers and place them where needed. The upper part of the bottle can be cut and then these can be nailed into a board – this can be a metallic bar or a piece of wood. This organizer can be placed on the floor too. This works to keep all mails organized in every desk. If you have time in hand add some decorative papers or paint the bottles well and add to their charm.

Flower vases – Add innovation and uniqueness to your home decor with these vases. To recycle empty containers you need to wrap them in decorative material or paint them in bright colors and you are done. You will have sweet vases for your table – at your home or in your office.

Watering cans – This is perhaps the best use of plastic bottles or containers. This is a simple job – you just need to make small holes in the cap of the bottles with the help of nails and hammer. Suppose you need to travel and you have no one to water your plants, just place a bottle with holes in the cap over your vase like hanging it. Water can trickle down slowly which will prevent it completely from drying off.

Snack Bowls – Plastic bottles can be wonderfully reused as snack bowls. The bottom part can be cut off to get the basic bowl structure. If there are any imperfections, you can use the simple clothes iron and press the edge of the bottle against the iron and it will be gone. These small snack bowls can be used to serve olives, cheese or peanuts to your guests.

Gardening Container – Container gardening is quite popular today. Use empty plastic bottles and containers to grow herbs or other food plants at home. Bottles can be turned upside and used as herb planters.

Tissues Holder – We all need to keep tissues nearby – especially when we have kids and pets at home and you need to keep cleaning things every now and them. Make a tissue or toilet paper holder using used plastic bottles. Cut the bottom section of the bottle to almost the same length of the bunch of tissues and paper roll. The upper portion of the bottle can be used as a cover. This is a practical and easy way to recycle plastic bottles and containers and make as many tissue holders you wish.

All you need to be is a bit of creative and try whenever you have any ideas in mind on how to use plastic bottles.

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