Designer by Unikia AS Design Team
Location: Norway

Dropped or lost a phone before?

As part of Unikia’s Safe + product line we introduced the Phone Leash. Worn around the neck or in your pocket, it is a silicone leash that keeps your phone safe and always at hand. Launched as a new product in the initial retail box, we found that it was difficult to communicate what the product was and how it could be used. There were other challenges including in-store customers having to open the box, removing the leash and not neatly folding it up to fit back into the box.

Early in the design of the new package, we felt it important to present customers with something they know, a smart phone and try to reduce the materials used in the first package. We were able to achieve the form of a smart phone and include the functionality that we needed by using a single PET part.

The Leash is featured on the outside of the package, just as it would be on a real phone, and wraps over the top via diecut guides. Upon turning the “phone” around, customers are presented with a bungee jumper in free fall, “attached” to the Leash.

To solve the problem of putting the Leash back into the package after trying it, there is a domed form that houses the length of the leash. Customers are able to pull the leash from this dome, try it on, and once finished push the Leash back into the dome.

For cost efficiency, we printed two diecut paper cards in bright colours for the inside and a single line of type on the dome. The single PET part features an opening tab on the corner and is hinged at the bottom. The paper and PET are separate for recycling.

Don’t hang on to your phone…… let it hang on to you!

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