Designed by Elmwood, United Kingdom.

Anchor® launch new product, Anchor® Pastry

Leading design consultancy Elmwood has revealed a new product range for expert dairy maker Anchor®. The exciting new product, Anchor® Pastry, will be rolled out into Asda supermarkets nationwide from the 19th October.

Elmwood worked closely with Anchor® to create the product, adding Ready-Made Pastry to their existing range of Butter, Squirty Cream and Cheddar Cheese. As an established brand with strong consumer loyalty, Anchor® felt it was the perfect product area to extend their dairy portfolio and employed Elmwood to ensure that Anchor’s key qualities were brought through effectively in the new product packaging.

Introducing the proposition ‘Tastes like homemade,’ the brand identity, including marque and packaging, advocates Anchor’s existing merits of great tasting, high quality, homemade food.

In the packaging design, Elmwood built upon Anchor’s brand traditions including the Anchor® and ribbon. Adding simple yet engaging illustrations of baking elements such as pastry brushes, rolling pins and anchor-shaped cookie cutters further enhances Anchor’s homemade ethos whilst adding fun and warmth.

Jan Hirst, Account Management Director at Elmwood said, “It is fantastic to once again be working with Anchor® on this new product. It has been an extremely fun project to work on, allowing Elmwood to stretch Anchor’s brand offering in an exciting and creative way.”

Louise Thornton, Brand Manager at Anchor® said, “Having worked with Elmwood before, we knew how effective their work would be in capturing everything that is so important to the Anchor® brand. We are delighted with the way Elmwood’s designs bring to life the Anchor® Ready-Made Pastry product. We feel that Elmwood’s design interpretation of ‘Tastes like homemade’ will really hit the mark with retailers and consumers and stand out in today’s market.”

There are two types of pastry products in the range; Anchor® Shortcrust Pastry which is made by adding together all the ingredients at once to give the perfect pastry layer and Anchor® Puff Pastry which is made by layering 144 sheets of pastry to give a great rise.

Each variant will be available in both ready-rolled and block formats. All four SKUs will be colour code packaged in order for consumers to easily identify, Anchor® Shortcrust Pastry in blue and Anchor® Puff Pastry in green. The pastry is made with Anchor® Butter so it ‘Tastes like homemade’.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery