Designed by Arto Komulainen, Finland.
Additional Credits: Antti Rönkkö

RÖNKKÖ Watches – Handmade in Finnish Silence.

The brief was to create a concept to establish a brand for Finnish independent watchmaker Antti Rönkkö. The new brand and packaging had to be the pinnacle of the range of Finnish fine watchmaking, craftsmanship and luxury. Rönkkö timepieces needed to attract discerning, ‘free-thinking’ watch enthusiasts already engaged with fine timepieces and horology. Brand had to exude perfection, insight and credibility, while communicating its unique method of making by hand in Finnish Silence.

Brand concept, packaging and identity design is collaboration of watchmaker Antti Rönkkö and creative director Arto Komulainen
Rönkkö Watches wanted to to be true to the character of watchmaker Rönkkö and designed the brand concept rooting from the the distinctive Finnish feature; the quietness of watchmaker himself. This uncompromising silence and devotion shows up in the number of years of timely design process. It took five years for Rönkkö to realize the design of the ‘Steel Labyrinth’, giving him time to meet all his ideals and requirements; both mechanical and aesthetic.

“To truly understand a Finn, one has to first understand silence. The higher state of silence. Aware mental state, where thoughts and ideas form intuitively before creative expression. In communication, Finnish Silence is seen as unpleasant and uncomfortable because it is misunderstood. It’s mixed with impoliteness, shyness, pride or arrogance – though it is ethnologically rooted from the appreciation of others and it means the aware creative fermentation of thought. For a Finn, silence means time for thought; creating something out of nothing. All insight; design, art and innovation are born in quiet. Realization happens when one has a break from thinking. Centuries of knowledge are woven into revelatory moments in watchmaking.”

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery