Creative Agency: Ahhaproject
Location: Seoul/ South Korea
Project Type: Concept

100 billions Instant noodles are eaten every year in the World

Accordingly, more than 100 billions of plastic packaging are used and the tremendous vinyls are consumed for the packing of each noodle, sauce, packs and coverings.

All materials for the packaging are derived from natural resources such as oil, trees, sand and metal ores which are processed and converted into plastics, papers and hard packaging and it would end up to landfill, burnt causing environmental destruction.

However, the manufacturers' efforts are only focused on eye-catching of packages.

Therefore, for the environmental protection, Ahhaproject proposes to use eatable materials for the packing of noodle sauces as follows:

1. The laver which is commonly used for taste of Ramen to be used as the material for the packing of sauce powder.
2. The sauce powder is put on the bottom laver sheet and then covered by laver as single pack.
3. It would be small part of vinyl but the total amount will be great considering the tremendous Ramen as first written above.
4. It also saves a lot of chemical materials for printing on the packing.
5. In addition, it is very convenient for consumers as the sauce pack can be put in the pot as it is without tearing and wasting.

For the other flavor, rice paper or starch-based materials can replace polystyrene and plastic film.

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