Creative Agency: twomatch!
Photos: Stogias Kostas
Client: Bagatzounis Spice Industry
Location: Thessaloniki / Greece
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

Salep powder comes from the bulbs of a wild kind of orchid that thrives in the high regions of Greece. It is a warm drink that prevents cold and flu and is considered to be an excellent soothing beverage for the stomach and the general gastrointestinal system. Traditionally, the salep drink was used in order to boost the human organism and to fight the winter cold. "Classic Salep" is a unique combination of the classic salep flavor with the aroma and flavor of East (caster sugar, cinnamon, clove, ginger). "Salep with Safron" has all the benefits of Safron and " Salep with Cocoa" is a special developed product with the aroma and color of Cocoa.

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