Designer: Vanesa Román
Project Type: Concept
Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

For a lot of the millennium generation Tea is more than a drink to enjoy, Tea is considered an element with natural and medicinal properties. Tea is mostly enjoyed for moments of relaxation and for the calming of the senses.

For this reason Happy Remedy was created to portray a design that would appeal to tea lovers, it is a remedy and a fundamental beverage enjoyed fully on a daily basis. For the creation of the logo I used icons that are familiar and relatable internationally for the purpose of healing and health solutions such as the band aids and first aid crosses. With these I was able to evoke what I wanted to convey, a brand that people could relate as healthy yet at the same time a feel good product. I have tried to convey an appetizing, relaxing and unisex logo colours by combining Watermelon pink on white. I used a classic typography with serif to create a contrast on the simple and flat lines of the logotype. The concept for the packaging was to use plain recyclable bags which were simple to label according to all the variations of teas. The mugs can also be labeled with printed phrases for all sorts of occasions, creating loyalty and engagement with the clients that enjoy this form of drinking tea.

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