Designed by Family and Friends, United Kingdom.

The packaging started out as paper printed, casually applied labels to clear packaging, primarily to gain interest and ignite sales at farmer’s markets and small delis – keeping it simple, natural looking and freshly made.

The packaging has now evolved into foil flow wrapped, more benefit driven and impact led branding, designed for commerciality to sell into the UK multiples and bigger grocery stores. Brighter packs, less focused on product show and more focused on the brand ideas will help shelf standout – instant appeal on shelf is absolutely essential in such a crowded category as snacking. What has not been lost however is the charm and simplicity of the brand.

‘There has been a lot more interest since we have the new packaging. I’m delighted to have secured a number of larger contracts across the UK… I would say I’ve had a 30% increase in sales’ Louise George added.

Derek Johnston, strategy director at F&f says “This is just the type of challenge we love – having created a brand that is gaining market traction, its wonderful to be in the position of helping it build its brand strength for the longer term – it’s what FMCG is all about.”

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