Creative Agency: dolphins // communication design
Illustrator: Thanasis Tsampoukas
Art Director: Vasilis Papadopoulos
Client: Agnotis
Location: Thessaloniki/Greece
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

Diapers packaging for the newly established company "Agnotis" (Pyrity), which sells infant hygiene products.

The main intention during the client's briefing was individuation from the competition, and consequently, differentiation on the shelves inside the shops.

The use of infant photographs that usually adorn this kind of packaging was avoided.

The consideration of the diaper as a garment led to the use of the "button" as the main element of decoration. Their use in the composition of animal characters and items is obvious in the general illustration.

Simplistic stroke lines were used in the design in order to create a "naive" artistic quality, closer to similar drawings for children.

A fresh, clean and friendly atmosphere was the loose creative linchpin.

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