Designer: Natalie Valliere-Kelley
School: Chicago Portfolio School
Location: Chicago, USA
Project Type: Student Project

Cafe Sushi is a BYOB Sushi restaurant located in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago that needed a brand identity. The goal of the new system is to give a brave, nostalgic, and free-spirited character to the much-loved neighborhood restaurant.

The logo represents a crane’s wing, playing both to the meticulous and free-spirited nature of the sushi itself. The selection of a color palette was inspired by the vibrant sushi itself, while using seaweed paper and rice to create the patterns and secondary graphics. The resulting brand is one that will embody the freshness of the cuisine and appeal to the young Chicago crowd.

The Unique Points Of The Packaging: The to-go packaging design was created to optimize the experience of eating sushi on the go. The boxes come in two sizes—one for a single sushi roll or pieces of nigiri or sashimi, and one for two rolls or an entree portion. The circle logo is perforated and can pop out to make a spot for the soy sauce container to fit into. The popped out piece also acts as a coaster, creating a place to set your chopsticks down.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery