Art Direction: Federico Galvani
Graphic Design: Anna Rodighiero
Project Type: Commercial Work
Client: Sabadì Srl
Location: Verona, Modica, Italy
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin can + label
Printing Process: Copper hot foil

From the first chocolate cellar of its kind, Sabadì offers a chocolate “scented” through a natural process. Thanks to its fat component, cocoa spontaneously absorbs the aromatic notes which surround it and maintains them over time. Chocolate scented with 7 elements for the production of unique chocolates in limited editions: tobacco, tea, flowers, herbs, spices, resins, and barrique casks.

The motto “less is more” perfectly embodies the sleek and elegant design we created for Gli Affinati, the latest revolutionary product by chocolate visionary Sabadì.

We designed a series of cards, inspired by botanic illustrations, a petite tin chest and the most simple label: the copper hot foil typography describes the product, while in the dedicated blank space, the specific taste is written by hand at the moment, just for you.

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