Designed by Ampro design, Romania.
Creative & Art Director: Irinel Ionescu
Designers: Raluca Popan, Alin Patru
Illustrator: Alin Patru
Project management: Ana Poiana
Prepress: Danubiu Birzu

The brief was to create a new range of traditional Romanian dairy products. The new range should offer diverse products that are not only something basic and of good quality, but also a fresh and inspiring brand.

The objective was to create a stand-alone brand that would instantly draw attention at shelf, would inspire trust and fidelity, a new brand not too obviously connected to Danone. Ampro combined the organic structure of clay pots with the handcrafted paintings, obtaining a unique and remarkable approach and delivering a natural, traditional and hand-made look & feel. The central figure of the new design is the a Romanian traditional Rooster, painted on the anciently inspired local pottery and now integrated on the logo of the new Danone brand. The Rooster was given a new role, of announcing the sunrise, the time for starting a new day with a good breakfast and a new option on the consumers’ table.

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