Design: Anoushka Navadkar
Project Type: Student Project
School: Unitedworld Institute Of Design
Course: Product Design
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Condoms

Design an innovative single condom packaging; hypothetically for UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON. Keeping in mind the after act process of disposal.

The band name 'hues' was thought as it means a colour or shade and UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON is all about colors.

Condoms can fail if:

  • you don’t use them every single time you get hot and heavy;
  • you open the wrapper with something sharp;
  • you tear it hastily and damage it;
  • you don’t squeeze the air out of the tip;
  • you unroll them in the correct direction;
  • they’re past their expiration date;

The packaging is designed keeping all the above aspects in mind.

  • – It is designed for the age group of 18 – 30, keeping the graphics subtle and funky to improvise the way we see condoms.
  • -The ball like thing in the middle of the packaging helps you pinch and pick which leaves room at the tip when you've put it on and involuntarily makes you understand the correct direction of unrolling it.
  • – Instructions that are easy to understand/self-explanatory and a prominent expiry date
  • – Also keeping in mind the act of disposal, the used condom can be disposed in the same packing (without using any extra material) which takes care of the hygiene and cleanliness.

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