Designed by CuldeSac, Spain.

CuldeSac™ creates the visual identity for Blés organic wines

The Spanish studio “pairs” brand and product in the new line by Aranleón, one of the most renowned wineries in the Valencian Community, backed by the Utiel-Requena D.O. mark.

In a context in which the winegrowing sector is one of the most important and deeply rooted in Spain and, at the same time, one of the most quickly changing, international expansion is emerging as one of the keys to the future that will guarantee the survival of many of the wineries in our country that base their product on quality. This is the case for Aranleón Blés, which in its Crianza variety is already the best-selling organic wine in the Quebec province (Canada).

CuldeSac™, a multi-disciplinary team of experts in providing value and business to brands, has performed an analysis and a restructuring of the Aranleón product line to help foster the company’s growth, paving the road for its release into international markets.

In line with its project for repositioning the Valencian brand Aranleón, CuldeSac™ has defined a new identity through packaging for the new line of Blés products –Blés Reserva, Blés Crianza, Blés Roble and Blés Joven– including the design of the labels, boxes and corks for the new bottles. CuldeSac™, one of the most versatile studios throughout Spain, has developed a new graphic for the Blés line, one that communicates and emphasizes the main attributes of the brand: organic, Mediterranean, warm and empathetic.

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