Designed by Studio Newwork, United States.

MAYU is an organic hair care label from Japan. “MAYU” means cocoon in Japanese, and MAYU products protect hair with utmost care. With organic ingredients and their leading technology, they’ve developed a unique process to unleash the potential of combining nature with modern science. All the MAYU silicon-free shampoos and treatments are produced to enhance radiance and health.

STUDIO NEWWORK has created the brand identity system including logo and packaging. The “M” for MAYU is formed by lines and triangles, implying hair root, and it conveys their advanced process of organic hair care products. We also designed the logotype based on a modern delicate sans-serif typeface with triangles. The modern, natural color palette was meant to reflect the fine quality of the organic hair care label.

Our approach on packaging with clean layout gives a consistent look for MAYU products in various sizes. We chose textured paper stock for box not only because it feels good but also it enriches the pure, simple packaging design.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery