Designed by Brandchef, South Korea.
Creative Director: Sugil Lee
Designer: Chaeyi Paik, Taehee Lee

Pulmoune has launched a line of Premium Rice targeting the North American market. Whereas Most products sold in Korean grocery stores in U.S. are the same ones sold in Korea with slightly different labels, this new Premium Rice series are not only based on Pulmuone’s honest and sincere brand image, but also has a contemporary design that represents Northern California’s blessed natural environment and sincere attitude towards farm products with authentic photography and deep colors. In fact, Pulmuone has steered away from conventional rice package designs that are limited to some oriental images and graphical components to appeal to the mainstream North Americans interested in Asian foods, beyond Koreans and other Asians in the U.S.

The ‘rice sack’ and ‘signpost,’ which are key components of this design, represent the charm and feel of Korean traditional ‘rice stores.’ A special attraction of this design is the ‘transparent window’ transformed from a sack that contains rice, allowing consumers to look at the content, which is necessary for rice packaging, with no typical round or square shape.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery