Creative Agency: Brandimage (Paris)
Creative Director Brandimage Paris: Elie Hasbani
Client: The Macallan
Location: Speyside, Scotland

Brandimage honours the ultimate whisky with The Macallan 1824 Masters Series

Brandimage, a leading global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers, announced that it has created a precious range of stunning decanters with exquisitely crafted secondary packaging for The Macallan 1824 Masters Series honouring The Macallan single malt whisky. The brand design on this new range aims to portray the luxurious nature of The Macallan brand by building on its premium position. The Series will also reinforce the brand’s presence in the global travel retail market, the new battleground of luxury brands.

The Macallan, The Ultimate whisky
The Macallan is a marketing leader brand playing as no other in the single malt market. The 1824 Master Series embraces the values of mastery showcasing whisky matured in exceptional sherry seasoned casks, the signature style of The Macallan.

It is the first time The Macallan has developed a full series of decanters, with exceptional carafes, an exclusive sign of discretion and elegance. The range which includes Rare Cask, Reflexion and N°6 features the finest single malt in the most premium whisky category with prices ranging from $300 to $4000.

Precious decanters crafted as gems

When designing this new range our objective was to reveal the essence and the particular heritage of The Macallan by creating distinctiveness through a proprietary shape and endowing the range with a recognizable common style.

Each decanter is designed in a unique way to magnify the codes and the history of the iconic brand. There is a true willingness of verticality, height and elegance, clearly differentiating from traditional decanters, which usually have more low-built shapes.

The iconic Macallan triangle has been integrated in a different way in the shape of each bottle, strengthening their personality but also highlighting the unique distinctive colours of The Macallan whiskies.

Designed in the pure heritage of glass art and goldsmith work.

The design of each bottle is crafted to embrace the incredible quality and prestige of the whisky, through a multi-faceted design inspired by the pure heritage of refined glass-art and jewellery. A real work of goldsmith has been realized on the necks and the rings of the caps of the carafes, made of zamac.

The collar and ring around the neck of Reflexion is set of engraved and carved triangles, like those of a high-end piece of jewellery.

The N°6 decanter crafted by Lalique, features a ring and a cap made of Lalique crystal, where every facet of the triangle is magnified through a work on polished and frosted glass.

Elegant and prestigious secondary packaging designed to showcase the decanters

The secondary packaging has been designed in the spirit of jewellery cases with great sobriety on the outside, while being highly crafted on the inside. Each one has been created to empower the beauty of the products and a way to stage them. The particular design of the opening system highlights once again, the iconic triangle of the brand. For Reflexion and N°6 mirrored plexi-glass panels embracing the triangle pattern in the rear of the box bring additional light to dramatize the precious bottles.

Rare cask secondary pack is made of turned-in cardboard.

Reflexion uses custom-designed wood

The outer-pack of N°6 is made of Corian®, an exclusive high-end mineral resin.

In order to meet the demands of the growing travel retail market, The Macallan has redesigned Oscuro to sit at the top of the 1824 Collection, an exclusive travel retail range. This decanter has the same bottle design as Reflexion (designed for the domestic market), but is dramatized in a full-grain leather pack in the red-amber color of the precious whisky.

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