Design: Existence Design Co., Ltd
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Lubricant
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

At the end of 2017, with the assistance of Design Group and Big Plan Id House to do the product planning, “SIANSIN” and “SISTALK,” the two well-known sexual health brands in Taiwan signed jointly to launch the first super charming “Sexmas Party” series lubricant with the package full of the Christmas atmosphere in the entire Asia for Christmas.

From the naming, the Merry Sexmas series product planning has executed a succession of strategic analysis to encircle the love and wonderful share at Christmas, utilize the design to transmit the intimate healthy attitude, and overturn to create the winter Christmas belonging to the adults with wit and humor.

The color scheme of Merry Sexmas series takes the classic colors of Christmas, that are red, green, and warm white to link the positive sentiments created by Christmas, and redefines Merry Christmas to be “Merry Sexmas” through the strategic positioning of the planning; by means of the power of design, the blockade line of sexual love is lessened humorously to expound the correct concept that the sexual relationship is a healthy educational issue to re-endow sexual love with the healthy idea and behaviors.

The three jocular and amusing styles of sexy Santa Claus, the snowman and snow-woman of sexual happiness, and the intimate reindeer's (親密的馴鹿) making use of the angle of sexual health to portray the role setting that can make people laugh to extend to all kinds of peripheral goods that are easy of approach, and present a Christmas gift that is completely different from usual; the ingenious product packaging design releases just suitable information of sexual happiness, vesting a brand-new perception in the merchandise of adult topic.

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