Designed by allink, Germany.
Creative Director: Christoph Schlatter
Graphic Design: Lea Defranceschi, Jacqueline Felder

Swiss honey speciality in a valuable flip-top jar

The Swiss honey producer nectaflor launched three special exquisite products in Summer 2013 – Honey from three different regions in Switzerland: Ticino, Ostschweizer and Jura Suisse. Due to the regional limitation the delicious honey sorts are only available in small quantities, which leads to a high exclusivity.

allink created a packaging that focuses on the honey per se in order to fulfil the valuable content. The characteristic flip-top jars ensure a clear distinction on the shelf and are complemented with a small but a lovingly created paper label. This packaging solution appears honest and authentic and highlights the values naturalness and personality.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery