Designed by CBA Graell, Spain.

CBA Graell Creates Nestlé Gold New Identity

CBA Graell, design agency specializing in branding & packaging, has developed the new Nestle Gold visual identity. A firm commitment to transmiting its new positioning, “The chocolate that will makes you discover how far your senses can go”.

The creative concept defined by the agency, “The gold explosion” gives life to the brand and graphic style which homogenizes the entire range of Nestlé Gold’s categories. Through this exercise of standardization and personalization, the agency brings out the character of the brand in a powerful and distinctive manner.

In this way, gold becomes the leitmotif of the entire image, which is expressed dynamically through each design. In addition, other elements such as an intense color palette, typefaces with personality and gourmet photographic style, complement the identity to create a harmonious and uplifting sensory brand perception towards quality and luxury.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery