Designed by minimalist, South Korea.
Designer: Wonchan Lee

Wine used to be one of the most expensive liquors in some countries a few decades ago.

Now it has become so affordable that we can even enjoy wine with a few dollars.

Unlike its popularity, we personally thought the way wine is consumed is and its culture on the table are a bit inconvenient.

vin grâce is a new solution, introducing the whole new wine culture to the market.

Paper-made container is far more lighter than a glass bottle, not to mention easier to carry, cheaper to produce and of course not fragile.

This cork-free bottle cap will free people from carrying a bottle opener every time they enjoy wine, and the attached pourer will save every drop of wine as well as money and let your table get away from wine spills and stains.

The packaging is inspired by the sophisticated diamond cuts.

via Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery