Designed by Fiala&Sebek Visual Communications, Czech Republic.

A gift packaging was designed for the Bohemia Sekt Prestige premium range. The goal was to prepare an elegant and luxurious gift packaging design for the most popular and successful local brand of premium sparkling wines that will have a “sparkling tonality” and clearly communicate high prestige. The individual lines: Brut, Rosé Brut and Demi Sec are colour coded to support easy identification by customers at the point of sale. The colours follow the design of the etiquettes on the individual bottles that are featured on the front of pack together with the Bohemia Sekt logo. The unifying element of the entire range is an elegant golden wave, made using the cold foil technology. The new design helped increase sales by 92 % during the season (all four quarters) when compared with the same period of 2011, when the original gift packaging design was used.

The primary target group are men and women ages 25-55 with the core at 30-40 years of age, from urban areas, active and with average or above average monthly income. This packaging was awarded in Czech Packaging competition OBAL ROKU 2013.

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