Creative Agency: The BrandHouse
Brand Strategist: Katerina Tsenebis
Creative Director: Nikos Vlahoyiannis
Designer: Andrew Boukas
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Domaine Messenicolas
Location: Athens, Greece

DOMAINE MESSENICOLAS, is a winery that carries the name of the little village “Messenicolas” in Central Greece. Our client wanted to create a new brand for a wine series made by the local vine varieties: Musquat de Hamburg, Malaguzia and Limnionas, that are famous for their fresh, light taste and are suitable for younger wine drinkers. The brand name MOI, JE M’ EN FOUS! along with the illustrations are the result of a humorous interpretation of the brief. Our aim was to express the feeling of “liberation” and relaxed mood the consumer gets into when enjoying one of the wines of this series.

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