Designed by CBA Brand Engine, United States.

A passion for fresh fruit and their health benefits set the founders of Sundia on a mission to create products that could deliver the daily recommended servings of fruit, easily and affordably. From their early beginnings in 2004 when they became the market leader in whole watermelons, Sundia expanded into other fruit varieties and juices, before focusing their business on single-serve refrigerated fruit cups. After five years of double and triple digit growth that lead them to be the number two brand in the market, Sundia recognized that market changes in the category and their “me too” branding approach were limiting their business potential.

Brand Vision
We immersed ourselves into the Sundia business to uncover their passion and unique story, gathering insights from the founders, brokers, retailers and consumers. Our vision for the brand focused on a key insight that had been the foundation for the brand, yet forgotten over time – real fruit, deliciously easy. To bring the story of the brand to life we redefined the brand hierarchy and messaging strategy, elevating the Truefruit product name as the lead brand communication.

Design Solution
Our bold, breakthough design of vibrant fruit-inspired stripes, detailed illustrations of cut fresh fruit and a straightforward approach to the Truefruit brandmark captured the delightful personality and passion of the brand, while proudly differentiating on the shelf. Key nutritional health benefits were highlighted on the side to be easily read at a glance.

CBA Brand Engine continued the brand transformation beyond the package, extending the new brand language to Sundia corporate communications including business collateral and the website.

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