Agency: DDVB
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Moscow, Russia

The most unusual beer brand in the brands portfolio of the leading Russian producer of beverages

A highly competitive climate on the Russian beer market has led the "Ochakovo" company, one of the largest producers of the beer and soft drinks in Russia, to the decision to offer beer-fans a new brand for unsaturated niche – "Buksir".

The key feature of the new brand lies in the special «craft technologies», that are used in the production. As a result the beverage has a unique amber color and light taste with a rich aroma and hop bitterness. More over, a completely new type of yeast is used in production.

The DDVB agency had a task to develop a visual identity for a new brand, presenting the accessibility and originality of the product with the help of design, as well as to attract attention of the audience to the brand in condition of highly competitive visual environment.

The DDVB team had a complete creative freedom, that was taken with a pleasure. Designers created for the new brand of inexpensive beer a pointing out light image, using an ironic animation design, which is quite unexpected for this category.

The new identity of cans and PET – bottles immediately draws the eye and holds an interest. You can always discover something new while looking at the images on the packaging. They tell a story of the happy «beer» everyday life of the small, but very important boat with a fun team on the board and a plenty of unexpected characters around it.

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