Designed by CARTILS, The Netherlands.

A New Fuel Vodka for India

The close cooperation between Pernod Ricard India and Cartils Branding & Packaging design consultants resulted in a new design for FUEL Vodka, now creating a revolutionary upgrade of its brand presentation. The new design needed to still reflect the core essence of the brand yet in a completely new way.

FUEL Vodka originally launched by Pernod Ricard India in August 2005 is positioned in the Deluxe vodka segment. The brand was in need of renovation in order to gain even more competitiveness in one of the fastest growing categories in India.

The design solution created by Cartils started with a new clean and modern bottle that still maintains the innovative FUEL character. On a 3D level, a squared bottle with a bold FUEL embossing on each side has been designed to enhance a tactile experience and an up-to-date appearance; while on a 2D level we tried to bring the brand personality alive by increasing an energetic look and feel through the use of brighter colours and sleeker typefaces.

In order to be more competitive on-shelf, particularly important in the Indian market, the design focusses on high contrast of the logo. Additionally the bottle has a tall and confident outlook to support brand recognition.

Pernod Ricard commented:

“Seagram’s Fuel plans to a occupy a far bigger stage in the vodka category in India. It is important to lead, with trends shifting quickly for a generation reveling on information and sharing. A great product design is core to our plans. Cartils and Pernod Ricard India have come together to create what we potentially know is a winner.” Bikram Basu – Vice President Marketing, Pernod Ricard India

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