Creative Agency: BrandMade Design Co.
Additional Credits: Jeremy Fish
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Daylight Wine Co.
Location: Sonoma, CA USA

Inspired by Daylight Wine Co.'s resident weiner dog guard dogs, Badgerhound is a tribute to their unique character. BrandMade's job was to create a cult premium Zinfandel brand that can stand out on shelf and appeal to dachshund lovers around the world.

The design solution was based on creating a unique character out of the Badgerhound, and the right tone of voice was discovered during a weekend mobster movie marathon. The garb and pose of the hound are based on a scene from The Godfather, where Michael Corleone is hiding in Italy. From there, we worked with San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish to create an illustration that could do the Badgerhound, and his tenacious wine, justice.

Good boy!

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