Agency: Sérgio Mengas
School: ESAD – Matosinhos
Course: Graphic Design
Tutor: João Lemos
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Porto, Portugal
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Materials: Wire, paper, glass

This proposal was request a display packaging jars of honey, was also asked graphical and respective graphics image. The brand is called MEL SILVESTRE, and it had to be a package for gourmet stores.

For the logo i focus on honeycombs. Created a hexagon, and inside its a drop of honey. Within the drop, put more artwork of hexagons, to give the idea of the combs. The typography, used the OCR. It seemed appropriate because in my view, fits well in the logo. The letter M honey, looks like it has to drop as the hexagon.

As for the bottom label, also I used the hexagon, but i put two more for laterals to create the label. Honey has the information, barcode and weight.

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