Agency: Nero Atelier
Creative Director: Yohanes Raymond
Graphic Designer: Raymond
Illustrator: Harun Rosyid
Project Type: Concept
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Pouch, Tin Can

Interpretation of the "The Youth Pledge" of Indonesia in the millennial era, which no longer sacrificed with life and blood for the invaders, but by pledging themselves to continue to make the name of the nation on the international scene through a work. Every detail of the illustrations is outlined in several Indonesian tea packaging designs. And it is designed epic and has a meaningful message.

Indonesia is known for its abundant natural resources, one of which is this tea leaf. Who would have thought Indonesia was the 7th largest tea producing country in the world. The center of tea plantations in Indonesia is diverse, some in West Java, Sumatra, and Central Java. The target market is also different from local traders and even more than half of Indonesia's production has been exported abroad such as in Russia and Pakistan.

The tea flavor presented in this design is Indonesian tea, such as Black tea, White Tea, Red Tea, Green tea, Oolong tea, and Jasmine Tea. The concept raised in this epic designed design took the interpretation of the youth oath in Indonesia which was held on October 28, 1928. But in its presentation it was designed with the concept of fun, dynamic, colorful to represent the millennial generation as the target market.

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