Product shot, produced by Andrew Martis.

Designer: Tim Gibson
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Garage Project
Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Garage Project’s Hāpi Daze ale was heading to new places in new cans, so a redesign was called for. It needed to be reconceptualised as a distinctly New Zealand beer (reflecting its key ingredient of Kiwi hops, or ‘hāpi’ in Māori) for European consumers without putting New Zealanders off with heavy handed Kiwiana design. The design also needed to reflect the secondary word play in the name and give a feeling of cool sunsets ideally matched to drinking this fruity and crisp pale ale.

Garage Project also wanted to push the artwork to fit the medium, in this case aluminium cans. Most of their canned beers have shrink-wrapped digital prints, allowing limitless colours but having some considerable drawbacks. Hāpi Daze would be one of the first beers utilising the factory’s direct-to-can printing capabilities, a strange cross between limited plate printing and screen printing.

Through consultation, we decided the best approach was to celebrate the material of the can and produce a limited colour, exposed can with a matte finish.

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