Company: DIONE Ice Cream
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Lithuania
Packaging Contents: Ice cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic and paper
Printing Process: Foil

DIONE ice cream is produced in Lithuania but well recognized worldwide for its flavor, quality and innovations. We aim to stand out, to be innovative and attractive to global consumer. Therefore we needed packaging to communicate the highest quality premium product at the first sight. Because of this, we have created luxury two-part packaging for DIONE ice cream: plastic jar that goes inside the cardboard box.

The concept for the plastic jar is "Less is more". Simple, easy-to-understand geometric elements are used for the design in gold color on the back background. These elements are repeated many times, interconnected, thus creating a rather simple but luxurious mesh. The entire design of the jar is crowned with the DIONE logo, covered with golden foil. All this magnificent design helps to create the latest printing technology, used materials and colors.

The inspiration behind DIONE cardboard box design is exotic plants and birds. We aim for packaging design that communicates healthy and natural product to the customer, therefore, nature and wildlife elements dominate our imagery. Furthermore, packaging design is focused on bringing enjoyment and happiness from beginning to end: from visuals and deluxe feel of the packaging to the very taste of our ice cream. In order to enhance the feel of natural, luxurious and high quality product, individual elements of packaging harmoniously come together with the help of creative printing technologies and innovative materials combined with varnishes and gold foil finish.

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