Designer: Choi Seungho
Project Type: Concept
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Packaging Contents: Water bottle
Packaging Materials: Short Neck PET

A falling water drop makes a wave when touching surface of water. The pure movement of water, making a wave, reminds people of clean image as people recognize its essential feature with intuition. ‘ICIS WAVE WATER’ is trying to make people feel refreshed with pure wave image, unique to water. The visualized image of wave process, shown on top of the container, is intended to maximize cleanliness of water and the feeling of refreshment, which people would have, with water wave. That’s the main intention of the design.

What's Unique?
Furthermore, the image of water drop, shown on top of label, is positioned toward up not down. The water drop is about ‘purity’. The water drop is designed to say that water has more clean and pure figure as going back to its source, as people would be more innocent, while going back to the past.

The side of the container is minimally designed to let wave image on top be focused and it shows a nice image of grip and elegance through simple curve. Furthermore, the container of 300ml, 500ml and 2L has a unique beauty as its corner and curved surface is differently designed, depending on weight, thickness and location of grip.

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