Design: Sara Marie Holmes
Project Type: Student Project
School: Vancouver Island University
Course: Packaging
Tutor: Nancy Pagé
Location: Nanaimo, Canada
Packaging Contents: Pairing Knife
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, Paper, Cloth
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Project Description: For this project, the goal was to find an overly packaged item and redesign it to create something more environmentally friendly. We were allowed to choose anything we deemed to be overpackaged, even if the packaging seemed alright. My goal was to create a package that could be used again, either as individual components or as one piece. I wanted to make sure that any waste from the project was one hundred percent recyclable. I also wanted to create a package that turned a simple pairing knife into a beautiful gift to be opened.

Environmental Considerations: When walking down the aisle of any store, it is unlikely that you will see more than a couple of packages with no plastic involved. Since the invention of plastic, it has been involved in packaging whether that has been as a plastic sleeve, bubble wrap, slips of plastic, etc. Even if it is made reusable (hard plastic), most of it ends up at the dump where it will take hundreds of years to break down completely.

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